4.0 Transformational Leadership Coaching

4.0 Transformational Leadership Coaching

“Change is doing things differently, a shift in behavior. Transformation is a new way of being, a shift in values”
[Richard Barret]

To illustrate the dimension when we talk about transformation, change is an alteration at the same level of consciousness (we move chairs back and forth on the same floor) and transformation is an update of my operating system, a new value system, and a new view of the world (we are moving to a higher floor).

4.0 Transformational Leadership Coaching

Inspired by the most recognized Thinkers, Authors and Practitioners of our days like Ken Wilber, Otto Scharmer, Rainer Weber and many others, Transformation is an inner deep dive and lasting exercise we can do as human beings in our contemporary situation. According to these leaders, developing consciousness and transforming your SELF is the most effective way to face the challenges of our time. The preferred language of this kind of coaching is German.

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For further information and to make an appointment, please contact Rainer Votsmeier at 0160 9892 6999 or rainer@votsmeier.com.

Transformation Coach & Facilitator

Rainer Votsmeier (Presensing Integral)

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