INTEGRAL EVOLVER – Holding Space and Deep Listening

Holding Space for and Deep Listening to your Evolutionary Potential

Life is a continuing stream of choices, where during the first half of our lives we try to maximise our desire for happiness, and during the second half of our lives, if we continue to evolve, we try to maximise our desire for meaning and fulfilment. Every human being has a set of forces within him to safety and defensiveness out of fear and a set of forces impels him forward toward wholeness of Self and uniqueness of Self.

At the core of the theory of human evolution are two ideas: first, we grow and evolve in stages, and second, each stage has its own specific needs. What motivates us is the satisfaction of the needs of the stage of psychological development we have reached and the satisfaction of the needs of the stages of psychological development we have passed through where we still have unmet needs. When we are able to satisfy our needs we experience a sense of internal stability and external equilibrium.

Most people have no concept of what stage of psychological development they are at, what stages they have passed through, or what stages they still need to master to find fulfilment in their life. Finding happiness, meaning and fulfilment is not always easy. It sometimes involves making tough choices; choices you have never had to make before.

Figure 1 – Stages of Developement

As you uncover the evolutionary complexities that lie behind your existence you will come to understand and appreciate why few people and almost none of the scientific, social, religious or psychological disciplines have been able to grasp the whole. Our parents, our priests, our scientists and even our psychologist and psychiatrists are so deeply embedded in their own cosmologies – cultural, religious, scientific, and psychological – that their answers will be for the most part incomplete. Each of these belief systems deals with different aspects of our reality and each has their own vocabulary.

Evolutionary integral coaching is about human emergence, the ability to access insights that lead to new ways of thinking which supports growth and development, helping people to participate in their own evolution and get better at being as well as doing. A domain of leadership coaching, executive coaching and life coaching. Evolutionary integral coaching helps people understand what stage of psychological development they have reached, how well they have mastered the stages of development they have passed through, and what stages of development remain for them to master. The approach is evolutionary and holistic; the purpose is Self-realisation and human emergence.

Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne said: “… there exists a much deeper and more extensive source of reality, which is largely insulated from direct human experience, representation, or even comprehension. A variety of provincial labels have been applied, such as ‘Tao’, ‘Qi’, ’Akashic record’, ‘terra incognita’, hidden order’, ‘implicate order’, ‘zero-point vacuum’, among many others, more of which fully captures of this domain. For our purposes we shall henceforth refer to it as the ‘Source’.” While it cannot be defined, Source can be experienced.

How can we engage in a deep dialogue with the Source? For instance following the U-process – at the bottom of the U, or by working with Integral Life Practice – Waking up, Growing up, Cleaning up, Showing up, Opening up to Love (Source).

The futurist Willis Harman once said: “By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world. Indeed, the real fundamental changes in societies have come about not from dictates of governments and the results of battles, but through vast numbers of people changing their minds.”

In discovering our own purpose and meaning – whether of our institutions or of our own personal lives – we enrich meaning in the universe. We create something significant that has not been there. We are part of it, and it is part of us. We are partners in the evolution of the universe.