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Working with Source – Opening up to Love

„There exists a much deeper and more extensive source of reality, which is largely insulated from direct human experience, representation, or even comprehension. A variety of provincial labels have been applied, such as Tao, Qi, terra incognita, implicate order among many others. We refer to it as the ‘Source’. While it cannot be defined, Source can be experienced.“ Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne

How can we engage in a deep dialogue with the Source? For instance following the U-process, or by working with Integral Life Practice.

We live in a time of massive institutional failure, in which we collectively create results that nobody wants. These times call for a new consciousness and a new collective leadership capacity to meet these challenges in a more conscious, intentional, and strategic way. Why do our attempts to deal with the challenge of our time so often fail? The cause of our collective failure is that we are blind to the deeper dimension of leadership and transformational change.

Following the U process of letting-go (of our old ego and self) and letting-come (our highest future possibility: our SELF) establishes a subtle connection to a deeper source of knowing. The essence is that these two selves – our current self and our best future Self – meet at the bottom of the U and begin to listen and resonate with each other.

Additionally, Integral Life Practice with Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Showing Up, Opening Up to Love/Source prepares us connecting with the Source.

Waking Up – get present, mindful and alive with the most powerful understanding of spiritual growth available.

Growing Up – learn to take and see new perspectives that broaden your mindset.

Cleaning Up – do the emotional house cleaning that settles your fears for good and unleashes your real power.

Showing Up – apply yourself to what you want the world to become with new capabilities to listen, teach, persuade and lead.

We all have the potential to awaken the part of ourselves we call the Source. Creativity is a manifestation of our personal histories and drives, so to unleash ourselves fully, we must tend to our inner world. Sources activate the incredible human ability to imagine a future which does not yet exist and then manifest it as reality. Awakening and growing the source in all of us is the way we can envision and realize bold ideas – sourcing what we need to take the whole world forward, not just as individuals but as human beings connected to the billions of other souls (and species) on the planet we share.

In discovering our own purpose and meaning we enrich meaning in the universe. We create something significant that has not been there. We are part of it, and it is part of us. We are partners in the evolution of the universe.

I invite you to explore a new way of seeing, being, organizing, and collaborating.

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Working with Source – Working with Love – Opening up to Love

We have only the one word – „love“ – to describe an absolutely massive body of feelings, relationships, perceptions, and insights. We use the same word to describe our affections for our each other, for our family and friends, for our dogs and cats, for God, and for ice cream. Which makes a fair bit of poetic sense, there really is only One Love that refracts and recombines itself all of these different forms.

Waking Up to Love
Contact the One Love that connects everything to everything else, that opens and deepens and widens the channels between us, and that allows this eternal love to move more freely through us and through our world.

Growing Up to Love
From the physical and sexual forms that perpetuate our species, to the familial love that we feel for our wives, husbands, sons, daughters, and parents, to the platonic love we feel for our freinds and role models, to the many shades of romantic love that only began to emerge a few hundred years ago during the shift to worldcentic stages of being and becoming – with every new stage, our capacity to give and receive love grows. This is one of the central strategies of evolution itself – with every step our heart grows larger and more of the universe is included in our loving embrace, creating new wholes where there were once only lonely and disconnected parts.

Cleaning Up Our Love
There is a dark side to love, and it has many names. Fear, narcissism, obsession, and pain are among the most well known. All of them present themselves as allergies, addictions, and obstacles to love, common excuses that we use to avoid the slings and arrows of the heart.

Showing Up As Love
When it comes to showing up as love and allowing the fruits of our practice to spill over into the rest of our world, it’s helpful to think of the many different ways we can inhabit our love, right now in real time.

Working with source is a wonderful way to show up and act with love.
When it comes to showing up and allowing the fruits of our practice to spill over into the rest of our world, it’s helpful to think of the many different ways we can inhabit our love, right now in real time.

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